How it works?

  • Step1: Initial Assessment Fill out the Initial assessment form on our website. We will send you an email regarding your eligibility for immigration to Canada.
  • Step 2: Consultation Meeting Book an appointment for 1-hour consultation meeting that takes place face-to-face or online, we will suggest you the most suitable immigration option(s) based on your qualification, work experience and language skills, provide you the information regarding the application requirements and the services we offer. After the meeting, you will know your available options and be able to decide how to proceed.
  • Consultation fee: C$200
    Please note, depending on your situation and needs, you may be offered a consultation with different duration and rate (e.g. 30mins, 90mins)
  • Step 3: Application At this step, we agree to work together. Our goal is to plan every step of your application carefully to ensure its compliance with the regulation and laws.
    We foresee all the possibilities and prepare you in all the stages of the application to avoid any unexpected outcomes and make you immigration hassle-free.